Coronavirus Medical Negligence Claim

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is reaching pandemic levels and disproportionately affecting elderly patients. In most frail nursing home residents, coronavirus can be lethal. Our solicitiors explain coronavirus prevention, coronavirus detection, as well as liability stemming from a nursing home coronavirus wrongful death.

My Medical Negligence Claims can assist your family in seeking justice through a coronavirus compensation claim against a nursing home, assisted living facility or temporary care facility.

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Coronavirus has taken the world by surprise. However, nursing homes and assisted living facilities are legally required to prepare for infection outbreak, both on a micro, and macro level.

Shockingly, our negligence solicitors are receiving calls reporting that long term care facilities are running low on antibacterial hand soap and protective face masks. Other callers are reporting that the skilled nursing facility housing their parent is operating with only 50% of the staff-members needed to provide the appropriate level of resident care.

The coronavirus outbreak in nursing homes is obviously an unprecedented event. Yet it is clear that certain facilities are woefully unprepared to follow government regulations regarding infection control. These failures to prepare for containment of infectious disease are grounds for a coronavirus negligence case against the nursing home or assisted living facility corporation.

Although particularly lethal in elderly patients, Corona Virus prevention is not much different from preventing the flu. Frequent hand washing, healthy eating and avoiding touching your eyes, mouth and nose are all common sense preventative methods.

However, when analysing Coronavirus outbreaks in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, there are additional preventative measures that the facility must put in place.

Following infection control protocol is the legal obligation of the nursing home. Failing to implement appropriate coronavirus prevention methods may result in a coronavirus claim against the negligent nursing home or assisted living facility.